we have

we have seen, but are restraind at present from publishing them. Could they be made generally known, his friends must desert him. It is a pity when the most important intelligence is communicated with such restrictions, as that it serves rather to gratify the curiosity of a few than to promote the publick good. I wish we could see the … Continua a leggere

pleased to

pleased to assign me as moderator of their meeting, which is to be held this day by adjournment. I am much obliged to the town for the honor done me, and esteem it a very great misfortune whenever it is not in my power to render them services proportionate to my own inclination. With all due respect, i remain, gentlemen, … Continua a leggere

i am

i am sincerely your friend and servant, 1the text is in boston record commissioners report, vol. Xviii., pp. 131134. To the selectmen of boston. W. V. Wells, life of samuel adams, vol. Ii., p. 70 printed also in the historical magazine, vol. Vii., p. January, 20, 1863. Boston, may 14, 1773. Gentlemen, i must beg the favor of you to … Continua a leggere

My dear

My dear sir,my last letter to you i sent by capt. Symmes, who sailed a few days ago. This town met yesterday, and made choice of their representatives for the year ensuing. Enclosed is a copy of the towns instructions.1 it is a very common practice for this town to instruct their representatives which among other good purposes serves to … Continua a leggere

of the

of the acquisition of one, whom they themselves have been the most ready to expose as distracted. I send you a complete printed copy of our controversy with the governor, at the end of which you will observe some errors noted which escaped the press. This letter goes under care of mr. Cushings to dr. Franklin. The franks you favoured … Continua a leggere

giving the

giving the commission to mr. H., without taking into consideration that most powerful of all other motives, an instruction, especially at a time when he vainly hoped he should gain him over. I have been the more particular, because i know our adversaries avail themselves much by propagating reports that persons who have signalized themselves as patriots have at length … Continua a leggere

priests nor

priests nor the devil could understand a word of it, curtly retorted mr. Tickler. When night came, they all prepared for the banquet, which, although not so sumptuous as those given in new york to great officials, was by no means a meagre affair, since it included a variety of dishes held as great delicacies by the kaloramas. As to … Continua a leggere

the committee

the committee of correspondence of boston to josiah stone.1 ms., committee of correspondence papers, lenox library. Boston, april 13 1773 sir your attested copy of the proceedings of the town of framingham at a legal meeting on the 15th of march last has been receivd by the committee of correspondence of the town of boston. The just resentment which your … Continua a leggere